Recent Results in Astroparticle Physics, summer semester 2019:   Schedule

Monday 14:15-15:45 at University of Potsdam
15. April

Maulik Bhatt / Pranab Deka
Secondary production by heavy nuclei / Non-linear Landau damping of TeV cascades
UP, room 2.080
29. April

Adrian Hanusch / Tatyana Liseykina
Chemistry of ion injection in SNR shocks: hybrid simulations in the light of He/C/O data from AMS-02 / Kinetic modeling of ion-acoustic shocks with self-regulated ion reflection
14:00, AIP Potsdam Babelsberg, Lecture Hall in main building
6. May

Robert Brose
The H.E.S.S. SNR-Survey - are all the VHE gamma-rays from galactic SNRs of leptonic origin ?
UP, room 2.080
13. May

Artem Bohdan
Searching for the short-time periodic variability of Centaurus A jet knots
UP, room 2.080
20. May

Dominique Meyer
The burst mode of massive star formation
UP, room 2.080
3. June

UP, room 2.080
24. June

Samata Das
Inflation: A theory of cosmic origin
UP, room 2.080
1. July

Iurii Sushch
Modeling of gamma-ray binaries
UP, room 2.080
15. July

Bhargav Vaidya
Application of PLUTO in high energy astrophysics
UP, room 2.080