Recent Results in Astroparticle Physics, winter semester 2023:   Schedule

Monday 14:15-15:45 at University of Potsdam, in room 28.2.080. Talks are in presence, unless specified differently.
23 October 2023

30 October 2023

6th November 2023

13th November 2023
Rayleigh-Taylor instability in relativistic jets
Qiqi Jiang

20th November 2023
Particle-in-cell simulations of spark events in pulsar polar cap regions
Jan Benacek

Start at 13:15h
27th November 2023
Acceleration of non-thermal protons up to ultimate energy in the relativistic jet
Alexey Gunya

4th December 2023
Stellar wind bubbles around massive stars
Henrik Wilksch

11th December 2023
No seminar
No seminar

8th January 2024
Acceleration of high energy protons in the Fermi Bubble
Alexey Gunya

15th January 2024
Preliminary investigations of Whistler wave instability-driven structures
Michelle Tsirou

Zoom only
22th January 2024
Estimating the neutrino flux from Galactic sources
Mohadeseh Ozlati Moghadam

29th January 2024
Modeling Particle acceleration in SNR with RATPaC
Xin-Yue Shi

5th February 2024
QED effects on plasma waves
Mahmoud Al-Awashra

Papers for students taking the seminar as a class:
1. del Valle & Pohl, Nonthermal Emission from Stellar Bow Shocks, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 864, Issue 1, article id. 19, 14 pp., 2018,
2. van Marle, Meliani, Marcowith, Shape and evolution of wind-blown bubbles of massive stars: on the effect of the interstellar magnetic field, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 584, id.A49, 21 pp., 2015,
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5. Das S., Spectral softening in core-collapse supernova remnant expanding inside wind-blown bubble, March 2022, eprint arXiv:2203.03369