Theoretical Astroparticle Physics

3D model of the distribution of molecular gas in the Milky-Way galaxy

Here you can download FITS files that give the reconstructed distribution of molecular gas in the Galaxy. The deconvolution is based on a gas-flow model for the inner Galaxy, that was derived using SPH simulations with a gravitational potential that accounts for the galactic bar. The bar induces non-circular motions that provide kinematic resolution toward the Galactic Center, which can be used to deconvolve the CO line spectra (left panel) and thus to reconstruct within certain systematic limitations the gas distribution. The right panel shows the surface mass density around the Galactic Center in solar masses per square-parsec. The sun would be at (x,y)=(8,0) kpc.


It is strongly recommended you read our paper prior to using the matrices.

Note: We also request that you cite our paper, if you use the data/documents from this website.

3D Distribution of Molecular Gas in the Barred Milky Way

Pohl, M., Englmaier, P., Bissantz, N. (2008), ApJ 677, 283

FITS files (revised 03/22/09)

      Lines-of-sight in the Galactic Plane (125 MB)
      Lines-of-sight at latitudes b > 5 deg (51 MB)
      Lines-of-sight at latitudes b < -5 deg (51 MB)
      3D density distribution (7 MB)